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Sergey Sorokin

Hello. My name is Sergey Sorokin. I'm a private mountain guide and an owner of all of the pics and maps on the websites:

www.travel2crimea.com - Programs of my tours & excursions in Crimea

www.RussianMap.info - Russia in Pictures

www.MapOfUkraine.net - Map of Ukraine

All of the photos are made by myself. When I'm not too busy with my active tours & sightseeing excursions for my tourists in Crimea
(see here: Crimea. Tour programs 2017) I travel a lot with my camera.

If you want me to represent your country (area, region etc.), take beautiful photographs & videos from all possible points of view, please don't hesitate to propose me such a challenge :)

If you need any of my pictures or maps: .... First: you should to let me know about that. Just send me a request from a form below on this page. Your users (clients, visitors) have to see, from where exactly the information (pictures, maps...) were taken. That is a link to an appropriate website page should be put on a clearly visible place. Remember, do not hesitate to ask me to send you full size images, if you need it for magazine (newspaper) article etc.

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