Vorontsov Palace - Alupka Palace. Pictures.

Vorontsov Palace (also known as Alupka Palace) is situated in outskirts of Yalta at a small resort town Alupka. Mikhail Vorontsov was governor of the southern Russia (which included also the Crimean peninsula) in the early 19th century. Moorish elements and northern European styles of Alupka Palace blend seamlessly here to create a stunning villa. The staircase leads all the way to the Black sea and the lions that guard it are carved from imported Italian marble. Palace was built in five different architectural styles (actually different from each side) by British architect Edward Blore between 1828 to 1848. Now it is well kept museum with a small art gallery.

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Pictures of Vorontsov Palace in Alupka

The Moorish Revival southern facade features elements of Islamic architecture:

Vorontsov Palace Southern facade. Yalta Crimea

One of Lions at the southern facade entrance of Alupka Palace:

Medici lion at the southern facade of Alupka Palace

Northern facade:

Alupka Palace Northern facade. Yalta Crimea

Walls of Vorontsov Palace:

Walls of Vorontsov Palace in Crimea Alupka Palace in Crimea. View on Ai-Petri mountain

Palms at the southern facade of Alupka Palace:

Palms at the southern facade of Alupka Palace

Internal survey of Vorontsov Palace. Entrance hall and Chinese study

Entrance hall of Vorontsov Palace chinese study of Vorontsov Palace

Blue room and Dining room

Blue room Alupka palace Dining room of Alupka Palace

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