Azov sea is connected only with a Black sea (near a city of Kerch). It has an area about 40 000 sq. km. (340 km. long and 135 km. wide). Sea of Azov is shallow, the maximum depth is only about 15 m. It makes this sea to be the shallowest in the World!!! There are not many resorts here, as on the Crimean Black sea coast. Most of beaches are sandy, it is rather windy here. Azov sea coast of Crimean peninsula - is an unspoiled Nature. During winter it happens sometimes, that shallow sea is frozen, but already in May the water temperature is enough warm to start a swimming season.
Arabatskaya Strelka (Arabatskaya Strip) - is more than 100 km. long strip, sometimes only about 1 km. wide, connecting Crimea with a mainland Ukraine and separating over salted Sivash lake from a sea of Azov.

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