Black sea is the sea between the continents, sea between Europe and Asia. It connects the Atlantic ocean via Mediterranean. According to the supposition, thousands years ago instead of the Black sea, here was a huge lake with a blue water. With a Global warming the level of World Ocean increased and one day this level reached the pass Bosphorus and salted water went into the lake...
Black sea is 2.211 m. by depth. Most of famous resorts in Crimea are situated at Black sea coast between Sevastopol and Alushta (Southern coast of Crimea). Most of the beaches are pebbled, there are also sandy beaches.
Photos below are in the order from North-West of Crimea to YevpatoriaSevastopolYaltaAlushtaSudakFeodosiyaKerch

See also: Black sea map'; $h3 = "Pictures of Black sea coast of Crimea"; $images = array( '>Sandy cape (North-West of Crimea)' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Sandy cape', 'Cape Tarkhankut (The most western part of Crimean peninsula)' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Tarkhankut. Dzhangul (Djangul)?Crimea. Cape Tarkhankut. Atlesh', 'Entrance from the Black sea into Balaklava harbor?Cape Aiya' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Balaklava harbor?Black sea. Crimea. Cape Aiya', 'Another side of cape Aiya?Cape Sarych (the most Southern part of Crimean peninsula)' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Cape Aiya?Black sea. Crimea. Cape Sarych', 'View on Yalta?Reserve cape Martyan' => 'Black sea. Yalta?Black sea. Crimea. Yalta. Cape Martyan', 'Church Light-House in Malorechenskoe. Black sea coast between Alushta and Sudak' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Church Light House in Malorechenskoe', 'Black sea coast near famous resort Novyi Svet?View from Sudak fortress' => 'Black sea. Crimea. Novyi Svet?Black sea. View from Genoese fortress in Sudak', 'Black sea coast of Crimea between Sudak and Feodosiya. Koktebel?Ordzhonikidze' => 'Black sea coast of Crimea. Koktebel?Black sea. Crimea. Ordzhonikidze', 'Cape Opuk. Black sea coast near Kerch' => 'Crimea Black sea coast. Cape Opuk', 'Ships Islands. View from cape Opuk. Crimea, Kerch' => 'Cape Opuk in Crimea, Black sea. Ships the Islands'); include ('../../inc/templ.php'); ?>