Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. Pictures.

Some facts about Zaporozhye:

Zaporizhzhya (Zaporozhye, or Zaporoj'e) has a population of about 800 thousands inhabitants. Zaporozhye is located in the south-central Ukraine on the Dnipro river, about 240 km. west from Donetsk. The city has two railway stations: Zaporizhzhya 1 and Zaporizhzhya 2. Zaporizhzhia 1 is a central station. But some trains may to stop on Zaporizhia 2. City also has International airport.

Pictures of Zaporizhzhya:

Zaporizhia 1 train station (was built in 1953):

Zaporizhia. Train station

Main street in Zaporizhzhya:


Buildings along the main street of Zaporozhye:

Zaporizhzhya. Streets Zaporozhye. Streets

View on DneproGES from Khortytsya island:

Zaporozhye. DneproGES

Dnipro river. View on Khortytsia and DniproGES:

Khortytsya DniproGES power station

The city center:


Park Zaporozhye city center

Zaporozhye. Center of city Zaporizhzhya. The city center

Zaporizhzhya city hall:

Zaporizhzhya. The city hall

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