Massandra Palace Yalta. Pictures of Alexander III Palace

Massandra Palace is situated 3-4 km. North-East from Yalta. Resembling a French chateau, the castle originally built for Tsar Alexander III. Alexander III died (1894), before Palace was finished (finished by Nicolas II in 1902). Massandra Palace was used by last Russian Tsar Nicolas II as a hunting lodge (Romanovs family never stayed for a night here!). In Soviet time it was Govermental summer dacha (used by leaders of Communist Party of Soviet Union).

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Pictures of Massandra Palace

Massandra Palace. Palace of Alexander III in Yalta:

Massandra Palace. Palace of Alexander III in Yalta Crimea

Room of Alexander III in Massandra Palace:

Alexander III room in Massandra Palace. Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

Room of Maria Fedorovna (Dagmar of Denmark):

Maria Fedorovna room in Massandra Palace

Dining room:

Dining room of Massandra Palace

Side facade of Massandra Palace:

Side facade of Massandra Palace

Palace of Alexander III in Massandra:

Alexander III Palace in Massandra

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