Chersonesus Taurica. Pictures of Chersonesus in Crimea Ukraine

Chersonesos (or Chersonesus) is situated in Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula. This city was founded in the 5th century B.C. (421-422 BC) as part of the Greek settlements in Crimea. In 3rd to 2nd centuries B.C. Chersonesus was a main city on the Western coast of Crimea. The population of the city was approximately 20 thousand people. Because of its geographical situation and its influence, Khersones in the 5th c. A.D. was one of the main ports on the Northern Black Sea coast. In the beginning of the 9th century Chersonesus became a part of the Byzantium empire.
Devastation of Chersonesus. Tragedy struck at the end of the 14th c. In 1399 Khan Edigey (of the Crimean Tatars) completely destroyed and burnt down the city.

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Pictures of Chersonesos

Defence walls of Chersonesus and St. Vladimir Cathedral:

Chersonesus Taurica in Crimea. Walls of Chersonesos and Saint Vladimir Cathedral

Ruins of Buildings, Bell of Chersonesus:

Bell of Chersonesus

Ruins of Basilica:

Basilica Chersonesos

St. Vladimir Cathedral:

Saint Vladimir Cathedral. Chersonesos Taurica in Crimea

Basilica and Bell of Chersonesus:

Basilica and Bell of Chersosnesos

Bell Chersonesos:

Bell Chersonesos

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