Karadag Crimea. Pictures of Kara Dag Reserve

Kara Dag (or Karadag which means Black Mountain is a Nature Reserve, situated on the Black sea coast of Crimea between resorts Kurortnoe (to the west) and Koktebel. It is unique amazing landscape, reminding Jurassic Park is a result of activity of extinct volcano.

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Pictures of Karadag Nature Reserve

View on Karadag from cape Chameleon (near Koktebel):

Karadag Crimea. View on Kara Dag from Koktebel

Kara Dag Nature Reserve. Crimea:

Nature Reserve Karadag. Crimea

Golden Gates of Karadag:

Karadag. Golden Gates

Kara Dag - a real Jurassic Park of our time:

Karadag. Crimea. Jurassic park of our time Karadah. Crimea. View on the Black sea

Karadag mountain:

Karadag mountain. Crimea

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