Livadia Palace Yalta. Pictures of Livadia Palace

A few miles west of Yalta are the grounds of the Livadia Palace. Purchased by the Romanovs family in the 19th century, the grounds extend for a few miles along the best section of the Crimean coast. Nicholas II had Livadia Palace built as a summer resort for his family. The Late Renaissance structure is built mainly from local white limestone. It was also here, in the sparkling White Livadia Palace, that the post World War II Yalta Conference (Crimean Conference) between representatives of the three victorious allied forces met to finalize plans for dividing Europe. Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt sat in the boardroom here in February 1945. The council room where the discussions were held has been preserved as it was during the Yalta Conference of 1945.

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Pictures of Livadia Palace

Main facade of White Livadia Palace in Yalta:

Livadia Palace Yalta Crimea

Main entrance to the Palace:

Livadia Palace. Main Entrance

Italian Yard and Arabic Yard

Italian Yard of Livadia Palace Arabic yard of Livadia Palce

Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin in Italian Yard of Livadia Palace on Yalta Conference 1945:

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in Italian Yard of Livadia Palace on Yalta conference 1945

Billiard room of Livadia Palace. Final documents of Yalta Conference 1945 were signed here:

Final documents of Yalta Conference 1945 were signed in this room

Round table where were sitting Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin on Yalta Conference 1945:

Council room, famous round table, where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were sitting in Livadia Palace on Yalta Conference in February 1945

Romanov's Church on the back yard of Livadia Palace:

Romanov Church of Livadia Palace

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