Pictures of Novyi Svet. Crimea, Ukraine

Novyi Svet - is a small resort town on South-East Black sea Coast of Crimean peninsula, situated in 10 km. from Sudak. Distance from an International airport in Simferopol is about 115 km. Population of Novyi Svet is about 1.500 inhabitants. Novyi Svet is situated in a scenic area and well known thanks to Prince Lev Golitsyn, who founded here the Champagne wines factory in the late 19th century. Novyi Svet means "New World".

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Pictures of Novyi Svet

Scenic landscape. View on Novyi Svet and Falcon mountain from Golitsyn path:

Novyi Svet. Crimea


Novyi Svet. Crimea. Black sea

Cape Capchik (cape Kapchik), Golitsyn path:

Cape Capchik (cape Kapchik). Novyi Svet, Crimea

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