Swallow's Nest Castle. Pictures.

The Swallow's Nest Castle is situated ~15 km. (10 miles) west from Yalta. As what we see it now the castle was built in 1912 by German oil magnate Baron von Steingel, but already in 1914 he sold castle, and building was used as a restaurant. Partly destroyed after earthquake of 1927 the castle was reconstracted again in 1969. Until 2011 it was a restaurant and since the end of season 2011 an art gallery. As soon as castle was built The Swallow's Nest became a symbol of Crimea and every guide book of Crimea definitely had a picture of it. Lonely Planet guide book, first edition of Ukraine, (printed in 2005) had a photo of Swallow's Nest Castle on the cover.

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Pictures of Swallow's Nest Castle

Swallow's Nest Castle. Facade of the building:

Swallow Nest Castle. Facade of the building

Square at the building of Swallow's Nest Castle:

Square at the building of Swallow Nest Castle in Yalta Crimea

Swallow's Nest Castle and Black sea of Crimea:

Swallow Nest Castle and Black sea of Crimea

View on the Swallow's Nest Castle from a road:

View on Swallow Nest Castle from a road

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