Sudak. Genoese fortress.

Some facts about Genoese fortress in Sudak:

The Genoese Medieval fortress is situated exactly in the city of Sudak, Crimean peninsula, the Black sea South-Eastern coast. Fortress (as it's represented by now) is built in 14-th century is a combination of high towers (originally 18) and crenulated walls. It was one of the most important Genoese trading centers on the Great Silk Road from China.

Pictures of fortress in Sudak:

View on wall of fortress from east:

Sudak fortress. Crimea

Black sea and Genoese fortress in Sudak. View from the Sokol mountain (falcon):

Genoese fortress in Sudak. Crimea

Cannons and view on the Black sea and Sudak:

Sudak. Genoese fortress Fortress Sudak

Walls of the Consul tower (fortress inside the fortress):

Consul tower in Sudak fortress Sudak Genoese fortress. Wall of the Consul tower

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