Pirogovo Ukraine. Pictures

Pirogovo (or Ukrainian spelling Pyrohiv) is outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, located south of Kiev. The territory of museum is about 1.5 square km. and contains more than 300 pieces of folk architecture from all parts of Ukraine, actually it represents typical type of village from all of 27 regions of country.

Pictures of Pirogovo:

Pyrohiv - Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine:

Pyrohiv - museum of Folk Architecture and life of Ukraine

Pirogovo. Typical houses of Ukrainian village:

Pirogovo Museum Outdoor Museum Pyrohiv

Pirogovo. Windmills:

Windmills. Pirogovo

Wooden Churches:

Wooden Church. Pirogovo Pirogovo. Wooden Church

Landscape with windmills:

Pirogovo. Windmills

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