Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine. Pictures

Some facts about Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (or in Russian language Belgorod-Dnestrovsky) is a small town with a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. Situated on the right bank of the Dniester estuary leading to the Black Sea in 80 km. from Odessa of south-western Ukraine. Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is easily accessible from Odessa by public transport (about 1h 30min. in marshrutka). The town has a train station.
Fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky:
Fortress of XIII-XV s. has risen on ruins of ancient town of Tira. According to supposition, first it was a Genoa trading station. Destroyed in 1484 by Turks with Crimean Tatars. In 1812 all the territory became a part of Russia.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Pictures of Akkerman fortress:

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Territory and walls inside the fortress:

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Akkerman fortress

Unassailable walls of Akkerman fortress and ditch near the main entrance:

Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky. Akkerman fortress Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Akkerman fortress. Ditch near the main entrance

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Territory inside the fortress and view on Black sea:

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Fortress Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi. Walls of Akkerman fortress

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Akkerman fortress:

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Walls of fortress

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