Famous climbers in Crimea

Here are a few pictures of famous climbers (mostly from Ukraine & Russia), participants of World Cups and European Cups in sportive climbing and bouldering. All pictures are taken in Crimea.

Pictures of famous climbers on challenge in Crimea:

Kryvosheytsev Eugene, Ukraine (Red Stone):

Kryvosheytsev Eugene

Petrenko Maksim, Ukraine (Nikita):

Petrenko Maksim Maksim Petrenko

Vedenmeer Andrew & Ostapenko Olena, Ukraine (Red Stone):

Vedenmeer Andrey Ostapenko Olena

Alexey Chertov, Russia (Red Stone) & Said Belhaj Sweden, (Parus)

Chertov Alexey Said Belhaj

Shalagin Mikhail, Ukraine (Nikita):

Mikhail Shalagin

Shalagin Mikhail

Pictures © Copyright Sergey Sorokin

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