Rock climbing grades

This table below shows correspondence between different climbing grades systems. For rock climbing in Ukraine and in Crimea we use French grading systems.

Rock climbing grades:
5c 5.10a VI 17
6a 5.10b VI+ 18
6a+ 5.10c VII- 19
6b 5.10d VII 20
6b+ 5.11a VII+ 21
6c 5.11b 22
6c+ 5.11c VIII- 23
7a 5.11d VIII
7a+ 5.12a VIII+ 24
7b 5.12b VIII+/ IX- 25
7b+ 5.12c IX- 26
7c 5.12d IX 27
7c+ 5.13a IX+ 28
8a 5.13b X- 29
8a+ 5.13c X-/ X 30
8b 5.13d X 31
8b+ 5.14a X+ 32
8c 5.14b XI- 33
8c+ 5.14c XI 34
9a 5.14d XI+ 35

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