Mountain biking in Crimea

Crimea. Mountain biking map Chatyr-Dag, Ai-Petri & cave towns Demerdzhi, Karabi Azov sea coast

Crimean mountains are perfect for mountain biking. I have divided Crimea into 3 parts (as it shown on this map to the right).
1. First part will be South-Western part (all mountains to the west from highway Simferopol - Alushta). This part includes Chatyr-Dag & Ai-Petri mountain plateaus and also area of cave towns near Bakhchisarai.
2. Second part is South-Eastern (to the east from highway Simferopol - Alushta). It includes Demerdzhi & Karabi mountain plateaus and further to the east.
3. Finally third part is all along the Azov sea coast of Crimea.
Here below on this page are pictures from all of these parts, taking during my mountain bike tours in Crimea.

Pictures from my mountain bike tours in Crimea:

Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau:

Chatyr-Dag plateau. Mountain biking in Crimea Chatyrdag. Biking in Crimea

Ai-Petri mountain plateau:

Ai-Petri. Mountain biking in Crimea

Area of cave towns on the background:

Area of Cave towns. Mountain bike tours in Crimea

Biking along Azov sea coast of Crimea:

Azov sea coast of Crimea. Mountain biking Mountain biking along azov sea coast of Crimea

Karabi mountain plateau:

Karabi plateau. Mountain biking in Crimea

Mountains from Karabi further to the East:

Mountain biking in Crimea. View on Zelenogorie Mountain biking in Crimea

Demerdzhi mountain plateau:

Demerdzhi. Mountain biking in Crimea

Pictures © Copyright Sergey Sorokin

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