Multipitch climbing in Crimea

Crimea. Map shows sites for climbing multipitch routes Kush-Kaya, Foros, Uarch-Kaya, Marcheka, Ai-Petri Paragilmen Angarka Sokol

All along the Southern Coast of Crimea from almost Sevastopol to Yalta there is a chain of rocky mountains. Many of them are used for climbing multipitch routes. There also a few routes on mountains between Yalta-Alushta and Alushta-Simferopol. On South-Eastern coast of Crimea there are multipitch routes near Sudak. Length of most of routes is about 9-11 pitches (using standard 50-60 m. rope). Some of routes are equipped with bolts (Uarch-Kaya), so one need only set of quickdraws. But for most of routes nuts, "friends" etc. are essential. Traditional climbing (trad) in Crimea is not popular. Most of routes have bolts at least on points of belay. Here below pictures of mountains and some routes for multipitch climbing. Pictures are given in order from Sevastopol to Yalta → Alushta → Sudak. I mention below only multipitch routes. Here: Rock climbing in Crimea.

Multipitch climbing in Crimea. Pictures:

Kush-Kaya and Foros (view from the top):

Kush-Kaya. Multipitch climbing in Crimea Foros. Multipitch climbing. Top of mountain

Uarch-Kaya - one of the most popular site for multipitch climbing in Crimea:

Uarch-Kaya. Multipitch climbing in Crimea

Foros - massif The Castle & Marcheka - "El Cap" of Crimea - most difficult routes are here:

Foros. Massif Castle (Zamok) Marcheka - El Cap of Crimea

Chain of rocky mountains between Simeiz and Foros:

Chain of mountains between Foros and Simeiz

Ai-Petri - huge mountain above Yalta " Paragilmen - massif between Yalta and Alushta:

Ai-Petri - rocky mountain above Yalta Paragilmen

Angarka - rocky massif above Angarsky pass on road Simferopol - Alushta:

Angarka. Massif for multipitch climbing in Crimea Angarka. En route

Sokol - very popular rocky massif near Sudak:

Sokol - mountain for multipitch climbing in Crimea

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