Crimean mountains at Southern coast of Crimea and Carpathian mountains (Karpaty) allow practice all types of outdoor activities.

Outdoor Crimea: rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, multipitch climbing, base jumping, kite surfing, windsurfing.

Outdoor Ukraine: Ski and snow boarding, and of course hiking and mountain biking. Additionally some limited options for rock climbing and paragliding.

As a mountain guide in Crimea, I offer in my tour programs hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. As a hobby I also do paragliding and ski.

Pictures. Outdoor activities in Crimea and Carpathian mountains of Ukraine

Rock climbing in Crimea and multipitch climbing in Crimea

rock climbing in Crimea multipitch climbing in Crimea

Paragliding in Crimea:

Paragliding, Crimea.Taz-Tau. View from sky in direction to Simferopol paragliding in Crimea

Mountain biking in Crimea:

mountain biking in Crimea Crimea. Mountain biking

Kite surfing in Crimea and Windsurfing in Crimea

Kitesurfing in Crimea windsurfing in Crimea

Hiking in Crimea and Hiking in Carpathian mountains of Ukraine

Hiking in Crimea Hiking in Carpathian mountains of Ukraine

Bungee jumping in Zaporizhzhya:

Banji jumping. Zaporizhzhya. Ukraine Bungee jumping. Zaporizhzhya. Ukraine

Alpine ski and Snowboard in Carpathian mountains of Ukraine (Ski resort Bukovel)

Mountain ski in Carpathian mountains. Ukraine Snowboard in Carpathian mountains. Ukraine

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