Paragliding in Crimea

Map of paragliding sites in Crimea Stroganovka Taz-Tau Tash-Djargan Klementieva Ai-Petri Oboronnoe

Most of sites for paragliding & hang-gliding are situated at the Southern part of Crimean peninsula (or in other words - mountain part of Crimea). I mention here just most popular sites, where I flew and took pictures. Among them Taz-Tau (Southern slopes of Chatyr-Dag mountain, site overlooking Simferopol), Klementieva mountain near Feodosia (it includes also small sites on the Black sea coast), Ai-Petri (mountain plateau above Yalta. 1200m. above sea level. One of the most impressive site in Crimea), Oboronnoe (near Sevastopol) and also two sites just near Simferopol: Stroganovka and Tash-Djargan.

Paragliding sites in Crimea:

Stroganovka (requires Western wind). Site excellent for beginners:

Stroganovka. Paragliding in Crimea Paragliding site in Crimea: Stroganovka

View on Stroganovka from air:

Site for paragliding in Crimea Stroganovka

Oboronnoe (requires Northern or N-W winds):

Paragliding in Crimea. Oboronnoe

Taz-Tau (requires Northern or N-W wind). View from the sky:

Taz-Tau Crimea. Site for paragliding

Taz-Tau. Launching spot and view on valley and Simferopol:

Taz-Tau. Launching spot Paragliding, Crimea.Taz-Tau. View from sky in direction to Simferopol

Ai-Petri (1200m. above sea level!!! Almost any not strong wind is OK!!!). Launching spot:

Paraglind Ai-Petri. Launching spot. Paraglider: Sky Country Discovery 3

Tash-Djargan (requires Southern wind):

Paragliding in Crimea. Tash-Djargan Crimea. Paragliding. Tash-Djargan. Paraglider: FreeX X-One

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