Rock climbing in Crimea

Crimea. Map shows climbing sites Nikita, Red Stone Simeiz, Uarch-Kaya, Parus, Sarych... Sudak Bakhchisaray

Southern Coast of Crimea is a real climbing paradise. There are many fully equipped climbing sites with grades from 5a to 8c+ (or 5.9 to 5.14 according to American climbing grades). Most interesting climbing sites are situated near Yalta. The nearest to Yalta is Nikita (only 5 km North-East along the road Yalta - Alushta). Next is Red Stone, situated in village of Krasnokamenka. From Yalta to the west there are sites Simeiz (two crags situated just near coast), next is Uarch-Kaya, then Parus, Sarych... A few crags with equipped routes one can find in Sudak and many routes in 5 different sectors one can find in Bakhchisarai. When I say fully equipped routes it means you need only a set of quick draws. Routes equipped with bolts or with eye locks. Below pictures of most popular sites for sport climbing in Crimea. Here: mulpti-pitch climbing in Crimea.

Rock climbing sites in Crimea:


Rock climbing in Crimea. Climbing site Nikita Nikita. Rock climbing in Crimea

Red Stone:

Red Stone. Climbing site in Crimea

Bakhchisarai. Two different sectors:

Bakhchisaray. Climbing in Crimea Rock climbing site Bakhchisarai

Simeiz. Crags "The Cat" & "Swan's wing":

Climbing site Simeiz in Crimea


Uarch-Kaya. Climbing site in Crimea Uarchkaya. Climbing in Crimea


Parus. Climbing site in Crimea Parus. Rock climbing in Crimea

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