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Ukraine train schedule 2017 - train connections between Kiev, Crimea, Odessa & Lviv
Ukraine Distance calculator - distances in km. and miles between all major cities of Ukraine
List of cities in Ukraine - list and Correct spelling in Russian & Ukrainian languages of cities & towns in Ukraine.
Credit cards & travelers checks - Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards in Ukraine
Visa to Ukraine - For those who apply for Ukrainian visas
Public transport in Crimea - Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta. Bus stations
Mobile operators & mobile Internet - Ukrainian mobile operators and mobile Internet

Common information about Ukraine:

Location. Geographical situation of Ukraine is Eastern Europe.
Capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
National currency is Hrivna. There are plenty of currency exchange offices (in addition to banks) to exchange US dollars or Euro to Ukrainian Hrivna.
Official language is Ukrainian. Most of people speak Russian and consider Russian language as native.
Units: Ukraine is on a metric system. Lenght: km. Weight: kg. Temperature: °C Celsius;
Main religion in Central and Eastern parts of Ukraine is Orthodoxy and in Western part is Catholicism.
Voltage in wall outlet (plug socket) is 220V.

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