Ukraine visa information

As the questions about Visa to Ukraine and Ukraine visa information are very frequent, I have asked my friend Ihor from Travel To Crimea website to give the explanation about obtaining Ukrainian Visa

Visa is not needed:

Citizens of these countries do not need a Visa to visit Ukraine for up to 90 days trips:

USA, Canada, all EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Japan, Andorra, Liechtenstein, the Vatican, Monaco, San Marino

For those who apply for Ukrainian visas:

For those who apply for Ukrainian visas, consular officials recommend to provide INVITATION LETTER / LETTER OF VISA SUPPORT FROM THE HOTEL / TRAVEL AGENCY.

In order to get such a letter, an applicant is to book and pre-pay for one's stay at the hotel he/she selected. Please note that one should book and pay for the number of nights stated in the letter of visa support.

So if you wish to proceed, please see below:

  1. Fill in the form below. Specify whom we shall address (the Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate in Turkey / Iran / etc). Specify whether you prefer to receive a scanned copy or fax copy; if a fax copy, please provide fax number). Please note we surcharge the cost of fax to the total payment. But first, we'll send you the copy to check it up.
  2. Check up the visa support letter and confirm if all the details are correct.
  3. Pay for the hotel.
  4. We'll send you the letter of visa support and the hotel's confirmation.


One can pay with a bank transfer, credit card , or money wire. Free cancellation is allowed if reservation is cancelled 72 hours before check-in. Money will be charged back, except the cost of fax. If reservation is cancelled less than 72 hours, the first night amount will not be returned (cancellation fee).

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