Sofiyivsky Park (Sofievka). Uman

Some facts about Park Sofievka in Uman:

National dendrological park Sofiyivka was founded in the end of XVIII c. by rich Polish magnate Potockyi in honor of his beautiful wife Sofia. Park was presented to her on her birthday in 1802. Sofievka is known in the Universe. One of small planets got the name Sofiyivka in honor of Uman park. In 1996 Sofiyivsky Park celebrated the 200th anniversary of its foundation.
Sofiyivsky park is situated in city of Uman (Almost in the middle of the highway Kiev - Odessa) Here a few of winter pictures of Sofievskiy Park - one of official Seven Wonders of Ukraine

Pictures of Sofiyivsky park in Uman:

Park Sofievka. Uman Sofievka

Park Sofiyivka in Uman Uman. Sofievskiy Park

Sofievskiy Park. Uman

Sofia Park. Uman Uman. Sofievka

Sofiyivsky Park. Uman Sofiyivka. Uman

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